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What is AVID:

AVID is just not another program;

At its core, AVID is a philosophy to

hold students accountable to the highest standards,

   provide academic and social support,

and they will rise to the challenge. At Hemmerling

we want our students to be all they can be and more. Join us

and help Hemmerling be an AVID Campus.





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Hemmerling Elementary Supply List:

If you are so inclined to purchase material for school, these are the recommended supplies needed for the 2015-2016 school year.

Remember- none of this is required but we always appreciate donations.  If you have any questions please call Hemmerling at (951) 922-0254.  


  • pencil box for desks

  • white board markers (for student use)

  • big pencils

  • large crayons

  • pink erasers

  • kid friendly scissors


  • 2 or 3  inch binder with clear front cover that you can put documents in

  • clear pencil pouch to put in binder

  • dividers with multiple colored tabs

  • 2 spiral notebooks (90 pieces of paper or less)

  • #2 pencils

  • crayons (3rd and 4th Grade) or colored pencils (5th grade)

  • white board markers (for student use)

  • pink erasers (not the ones for the top of the pencil, but the brick type)

  • sheet protectors

  • yellow highlighters

  • pens- 3 different colors (red, black and blue are recommended)