Hemmerling - Turkey Trot 2014

Turkey Trot 2014

Turkey Trot 2014  |  2014-2015 Turkey Trot Winners

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Kindergarten Girls         1st Place: Andrea Reynolds (Kersavage)
                                      2nd Place: Aleia Nicole (Cook)
                                      3rd Place: Savannah Styles (Castorena)
Kindergarten Boys         1st Place: Cristiano Barales (Castorena)
                                      2nd Place: Nathan Morales Acevedo (Castorena)
                                      3rd Place: Malachi Dzobianek (Zupan)

1st Grade Girls              1st Place: Neveah Huzan (Milligan)
                                      2nd Place: Salleeah Haarr (Mitchell)
                                      3rd Place: Brooklyn Flores (Short)

1st Grade Boys             1st Place: Jovan McCledoa (Mitchell)
                                      2nd Place: Xavier Ochoa (Milligan)
                                      3rd Place: Chris Ybarra (Short)

2nd Grade Girls             1st Place: Aleah Hearsley (Smith)
                                      2nd Place: Ashley Guitierrez (Smith)
                                      3rd Place: Diamond McKleegan (Trammell)

2nd Grade Boys            1st Place: Joseph Clark (Ward)
                                      2nd Place: Alan Martinez (Smith)
                                      3rd Place: Damian Sanchez (Ward)

3rd Grade Girls             1st Place: Taleeah Graves (Porter)
                                      2nd Place: Jayleen Rojas (Wagner)
                                      3rd Place: Adelina Zamora (Porter)

3rd Grade Boys             1st Place: Jacob Reyna (Wagner)
                                      2nd Place: Miguel Marroquin (Mr. Ramirez)
                                      3rd Place: Roman Sanchez (Wagner)

4th Grade Girls              1st Place: Kelly Nip (Mrs. Ramirez)
                                      2nd Place: Sarah Reddish (Barajas)
                                      3rd Place: Hannah Wagner (Mrs. Ramirez)

4th Grade Boys             1st Place: Aidan Robles (Mrs. Ramirez)
                                      2nd Place: Shawn Acevedo (Mrs. Ramirez)
                                      3rd Place: Tony Mendoza (Mrs. Ramirez)

5th Grade Girls             1st Place: Kaveah Scott (Pearson)
                                      2nd Place: Vianey Flores (Pearson)
                                      3rd Place: Yvette Acevedo (Ramsey)

5th Grade Boys             1st Place: Daveyon Woodley (Ramsey)
                                      2nd Place: Adam Whitfield (Pearson)
                                      3rd Place: Ricardo Caballero (Pearson)