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PBIS Assembly August 14, 2015  |  Building Friendship

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M.P.R. Expectations

  • Be Safe-  Walk, keep hands/feet to self, and wait QUIETLY to be dismissed.
  • Be Responsible-  Clean up after yourself and remember your possessions.
  • Be Respectful- Use an appropriate VOICE level and practice manners such as please, thank you, excuse me, etc.

Bus Line Expectations

  • Be Safe-  Stay in line & ask permission to get up.
  • Be Responsible-  M.Y.O.B., keep track of materials, and stay in your bus line.
  • Be Respectful- Use manners, speak quietly, sit in line, & listen to adults.

Playground Expectations

  • Be Safe-  Walk on blacktop, use safe hands, keep objects where they belong, & follow playground expectations.
  • Be Responsible-  Use restrooms & get drinks BEFORE bell, keep hands to yourself, use equipment appropriately, & dispose of trash.
  • Be Respectful- Take turns with others, share equipment, use manners, & follow directions of adults.

Hallway Expectations

  • Be Safe-  Walk, keep hands/feet to self, and pay attention to the line.
  • Be Responsible-  Stay on the path and walk directly behind person in front of you.
  • Be Respectful-  Walk, use low voices/greetings, and keep hands at sides or behind backs.

Classroom Expectations

  • Be Safe-  Keep all four on the floor, your space organized, and chair pushed in.
  • Be Responsible-  Organize/respect materials and school property, and give your best effort.
  • Be Respectful- SLANT, use manners & be polite, and respect personal space of others.

Library Expectations

  • Be Safe-  
  • ·      Walking to and from.
  • ·         Walking inside.
  • Be Responsible-
  • ·      make sure you choose the correct level books.
  • ·      Be timely; someone in class is also waiting to go
  • ·         You checked them out, don't lose them. 
  • Be Respectful-
  • ·      Carefully handle books
  • ·      Be kind to Mrs. Wilburn
  • ·      Speak in a whisper voice
  • ·      Speak politely to Mrs. Wilburn, please and thank you

·      Return books to the correct shelf

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