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Hemmerling Elementary school

Hemmerling's counseling department has some new counseling interns on campus this year; Ms. Samantha Hart and Ms. Pollyanna Flores! We are excited that we are here and are stoked in continuing to help your child through the wonderful, and sometimes challenging, elementary school years.

Some people like teaching, others are passionate about reading, but what we find fascinating is talking to, connecting with, and helping young people. We would like the students here to think of our office as a warm and friendly place, where they are always welcome. Our office is also a safe haven - a place where they can get help if they feel confused or worried.


Small Counseling Groups are offered on a variety of topics including but not limited to social skills, friendship, power, study skills and anger.  All groups are formed on the needs of the students.  Any staff or parent can refer a student they feel could benefit from small group counseling.  All requests MUST BE submitted in written from and have a completed. 
Consent form by parent or guardian.


Individual Counseling in the elementary school is short-term, meaning a student would be seen no more than 8 times depending on the need and circumstances.  If the student is in need of additional mental health services, referrals can be made.  Individual counseling can begin at any time during the year.


Parent Consultation is also available BY APPOINTMENT.  Please feel free to set up an appointment by phone at 951-922-0254 or you can e-mail Samantha Hart at shart@banning.k12.ca.us or Pollyanna Flores at pflores@banning.k12.ca.us. We do return calls and e-mail during the day when possible.

Hemmerling Elementary is a great school, but that doesn't mean that our students won't face challenges while they are here. We would like your children to know that they have allies, and that there is always an adult at the school who will be on their side!

We will be posting an introduction to counseling PowerPoint on our website along with other videos related to common topics of concern as a guide to help you as parents utilize some strategies at home.  Please feel free to call, email or stop in so that we can meet face to face. We are truly delighted to have the opportunity to serve you and our Super Hero Mustang students!

Best regards,


Samantha Hart and Pollyanna Flores
School Counseling Interns
Hemmerling Elementary School

(951) 922-0254