Support Banning! Vote YES for the Banning/Beaumont Territory Transfer

Greetings Marvelous Mustang Families:

The time has come for our Banning community to earn our much-needed future economic stability! Our kids need it and deserve it!

We are asking for letters of support for the territory transfer to Banning.  You can support our community by responding to the following email ([email protected]) with a letter to the Riverside County Committee on School Organization.  The City of Banning and the Banning Unified School District need the committee to vote 'yes' this Friday on the proposal to transfer the territory from Beaumont to the Banning Unified School District.  

Here's an overview of our situation and how it will benefit our community (see attached docs as well):

A very important meeting is upcoming for our school district: the proposed territory transfer from Beaumont Unified to the Banning Unified School District. This territory transfer would return Banning families and land to Banning Unified and allow us to grow schools in our district and ensure we are serving all the students in our community.  

As we go through this process and information is shared on social media and during this political battle about equity, we ask that our entire community continue to demonstrate integrity, respect, grace, and optimism - those characteristics that truly define us in Banning and throughout the Banning Unified School District community.

The territory transfer will:

  1. Create an equitable solution that provides more balance in the size and socioeconomic makeup of our two districts and communities,
  2. Allow Banning Unified to have future economic stability,
  3. Strengthen our community identity and opportunity for development, and
  4. Benefit the students of Banning Unified and the City of Banning for decades to come.
If you would like to support this effort, please respond to the following email ([email protected]) with a letter of any length in any language that we can submit on your behalf.  Letters are welcome from everyone - students (past and present of any age are also encouraged to respond to this email with a letter to the committee).  You can tell the committee how great our community truly is here in Banning and why we deserve an opportunity to grow like other communities!! 
There are additional details attached, and don't forget to forward this email to 10 friends and family!

It is important to note that there is no requirement as to how many criteria must be met for the County Committee to approve the proposal. The committee will consider the case in its totality. This is why your support is so important as the committee considers the proposal and makes a decision.

Please send your letters to [email protected] on or before Friday, September 24, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. to be included. We appreciate your efforts, truly we do!