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Introduction to AVID


What is AVID?

AVID—Advancement Via Individual Determination—fosters a safe, open culture, high expectations for teachers and students, and collaboration in all classrooms.

By teaching and reinforcing academic behaviors and higher-level thinking at a young age, AVID Elementary teachers create a ripple effect in later grades. Elementary students develop the academic habits they will need to be successful in middle school, high school, and college, in an age-appropriate and challenging way. Children learn about organization, study skills, communication, and self-advocacy. 

At Hemmerling Elementary School, we want our students to be all they can be and more!

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Get Ready For School!                                 

If you are so inclined to purchase school supplies for your student, below are the recommended supplies needed for the school year. Supplies are not required, but donations are always appreciated. If you have any questions, please call Hemmerling Elementary School at (951) 922-0254.


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Kindergarten to 2nd Grade:


  • Pencil box for desks
  • White board markers (for student use)
  • Big pencils
  • Large crayons
  • Pink erasers
  • Kid-friendly scissors



3rd to 5th Grade:


    • 2-inch or 3-inch binder
    • Clear pencil pouch to put in binder
    • Dividers with multiple colored tabs
    • 2 spiral notebooks (90 pieces of paper or less)
    • Number 2 pencils
    • Crayons (3rd and 4th Grade) or colored pencils (5th grade)
    • White board markers (for student use)
    • Pink erasers
    • Sheet protectors
    • Yellow highlighters
    • Pens: 3 different colors (red, black and blue are recommended)