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Counseling Request

Who Can Request School Counseling?

Teachers, Staff, Parents, and/or students may request school counseling services for issues impacting the student's academics, attendance, or relationships at school. Other concerns such as chronic tardiness or absences, test scores, low student grades, low-level referrals, office discipline referrals, and in school or off campus suspensions may also lead to a school counseling request.


Do You Treat Mental Health Disorders or Issues at Home? How Long Will My Student Receive Services?

School Counseling is a short-term (6-8 week), goal-oriented service that focuses on building specific skills the student needs to improve in academics, attendance, and/or personal/social issues at school. School counselors do not diagnose or treat mental health disorders. For non school-related concerns such as family/home issues, contact Miss J for a referral to Victor Community Services or visit our "Resources" tab.


How Do I Request School Counseling?

Fill out the confidential form below. 

Tier II/III and SC Request (Parent)