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PBIS in Action

Hemmerling's Multi-Tiered PBIS System

Tier Pyramid
Tier I (ALL Hemmerling Students Receive):
  • The 3 B's
    • Having clear school expectations (Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible) sets students up for success. The three B's are posted all throughout the school, with specific expectations displayed in each area (i.e. bus line, MPR, restroom). The three B's are common language at Hemmerling and are frequently referred to when speaking with students.
  • Classroom SEL & Daily Circles
    • Students are explicitly taught step-by-step how to follow the expectations utilizing the evidence-based BoysTown Social Skills curriculum.
    • *NEW for 2021-2022: Students will be taught additional social/emotional skills from a top SEL (Social Emotional Learning) curriculum, Second Step. 
    • School Counselor Guidance Lessons
  • Recognition & Prizes 
    • PBIS focuses on positive reinforcement, or rewarding positive behavior. Students receive Mustang tickets when they are "caught" following the the 3B's, may be recognized as Mustang of the Month, purchase items from the PBIS store with Mustang tickets, have a classroom No Tardy Party or Lunch with the Principal, and/or participate in the weekly Mustang Drawing.
  • Mustang Minute Video Series
    • Mustang Minute is Hemmerling's very own Youtube Series. These monthly videos always include a "Mental Health Minute" with our school therapist, a principal's message, and overall the series encourages a sense of belonging and positive school climate. 
  • *If needed: Teacher Check in Check Out (CICO)
    • Students struggling with a specific behavior will be given a personalized goal to work on and will check in with his or her teacher multiple times daily. This practice builds the student-teacher relationship and helps the student become more aware of and change behavior. This practice is widely known and utilized as an effective, research-based intervention.
Tier II (SOME Hemmerling Students Receive, 5-20%):
  • 4-6 week School Counseling Groups for a specific school-related concern
  • 4-6 week Individual School Counseling for a specific school-related concern
  • 4-6 week CICO with School Counselor or other CICO coach
  • Positive Behavior Plan
  • Tier II/III Team
    • Hemmerling's multidisciplinary Tier II/III team is comprised of the principal, school counselor, mental health therapist, general and special education teachers, and a school psychologist. This team meets biweekly to discuss interventions for students or groups of students needing additional help in behavior, academics, and/or attendance.
  • Student Success Team (SST) meetings
Tier III (FEW Hemmerling Students Receive,1-5%):
  • Tier III/School Mental Health Therapist counseling 
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) 
  • 504 (for suspected or diagnosed disabilities)
  • Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS) assessment
  • Psychoeducational Testing for Individualized Education Plan (IEP)