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PBIS at Home Guide

"How to Implement PBIS at Home" (By Justine Hoch, pbisrewards.com)

"Our new reality in this pandemic has changed the roles of parents and teachers. With the shift to virtual learning, parents are now working as support facilitators. Many of them are feeling overwhelmed by the curriculum and the challenges that come with teaching their children from home.


PBIS is a behavior management system adopted by many schools, and the premise is simple – teach expected behaviors and focus on the good behaviors that you see. I have put together this guide for parents on how to use PBIS at home to help manage behavior.


PBIS at Home Guide

1. Expectations

Create a list of 3 -5 POSITIVELY worded expectations for the whole house. Keep it simple!

  • Be respectful
  • Be understanding
  • Be helpful

2. Examples

Create a few examples of what each of those expectations looks like for the house. Ask your kids to contribute!


  • I can be respectful by… staying quiet when the adults are working.
  • I can be respectful by… waiting for my turn to use the computer/device.


  • I can be understanding by… recognizing our new reality and the challenges it presents.


  • I can be helpful by… cleaning up the messes I make or cleaning up a mess I see.

A PBIS at Home Tip

Make a mural together as a family that shows these expectations and what they look like in different situations. Then hang it up somewhere for all to see!

3. Celebrate It

When your child does one of these things, CELEBRATE IT! Tell them what you liked and appreciated about their behavior. Then give them a physical token to keep track of their positive behaviors – stickers, coins… whatever you have.


4. Set Goals

Come up with a “big picture” goal. If you earn 15 “points” or tokens, you can get 15 extra minutes of electronic time. Maybe they can buy their way out of a chore! You can check out this list of remote learning incentives from PBIS Rewards for ideas.


5. Patience

BE PATIENT! This type of system does not solve everything, but it definitely helps to define expectations and to focus on the positive outcomes. A small shift in what you observe can lead to a much larger change in the way you think and relate to your family members!

By implementing and practicing the steps in this guide, you will be well on your way to a positive environment for your PBIS at home experience."


Download this guide here.


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